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Great to see this thoughtful piece on the medical curriculum and the teaching of social gerontology.

Department of Global Health & Social Medicine at King's College, London

This blog was written by SSHM Professor of Social Gerontology Anthea Tinker.

All lecturers want their students to be passionate about the subjects they are studying. But it is rare for them to become advocates in the way that a group of medical students have at the Institute of Gerontology at King’s College London.

In 2014 – 15 four medical students from three different medical schools took a year out from their studies to undertake the one year Intercalated BSc in Gerontology at KCL. I was their personal tutor. We met regularly both individually and as a group. Not only were they enthusiastic about the whole degree but they felt that little attention was paid to the Social Sciences in medical training.

They also wanted to follow the tradition set by their predecessors in publishing an article. Defining the key subjects of Social Gerontology as Sociology, Psychology, Demography…

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