As ever, this BSG conference was a feast of valuable information, interesting ideas and a compelling spur to further reading and action on many issues.

My overall response, from an Irish perspective, is to celebrate the continuing success and growth of BSG in expanding the gerontological imagination among its members and many other disciplines and organisations, way beyond ill health and geriatric care.

The plenary speakers, without exception, were thought provoking and inspiring and certainly extended my knowledge and interest in gerontology. I can’t comment on all the other parallel sessions that I attended but they were all of the highest standard.

There are two specific aspects of the conference that I must mention for personal reasons.  First, the SIG on educational gerontology was well attended and the discussion was useful; it’s a cause I have pursued in several countries for many years as a vital but undervalued aspect of gerontology. Secondly, I was delighted with the Averil Osborn symposium on participatory research. Averil was one of the finest and most principled colleagues that I ever had. May God bless her and I am sure She has.

My grateful thanks are due to all those in BSG and UWE Bristol who made this conference possible, so well organised and helpful.

Robin Webster