We’re delighted to welcome Vicky Guise as our new Arts Therapists Representative.

VGVicky is a recently qualified Music Therapist (University of South Wales). As part of her training she set up Harmoni Cymru which runs participatory music activities on hospital wards within the Cardiff and Vale Health Board and is supported by the Cardiff and Vale Health Charity.

Before training as a Music Therapist, Vicky was a musician with Live Music Now and Music in Hospitals & Care. She trained as a flautist at the Royal Wales College of Music and Drama.

So, what does creative ageing mean to you?

For me, it’s an important thing to ensure that creativity is accessible to everyone, in whatever medium sits and connects with them. I guess I would naturally think about music and the arts, but it’s anything medium that people feel they can express themselves – including cooking and gardening!

It’s about access for everyone to high creative quality creative opportunities, as people get older – and ensuring that the creative side of people isn’t forgotten as they get older or perhaps become ill.

What are your aspirations for the Creative Ageing SIG?

I am particularly interested in the role of the arts for people living with dementia and those in generalised hospital care, which I hope to explore further within the SIG.

As Arts Therapists Representative, I aim to act as an advocate for what arts therapies can do to support older people in care and in the community and act as a go-between with arts therapists, medical professionals and researchers.

I have already been in touch with all the national arts therapies associations to raise awareness of the SIG and to find out about some of the challenges faced by therapists working with older clients, but also regarding the benefits of therapeutic engagement.

I am starting conversations with other medical professionals to find out more about arts therapists are perceived, which will hopefully lead to more collaborations and begin new conversations.

I am also interested in developing myself as a researcher in this field – it’s a real passion which I developed during my training.

Follow Vicky on Twitter @vickyguise @HarmoniCymru

Interview conducted by Emily Bradfield (SIG Founder & Chair) @erbradfield

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