The University of Derby’s Creative Ageing Research Cluster (Arts & Health Centre of Excellence) has been running since 2016 . We have put on a number of seminars on topics of interest, but this year, we decided to put together a full programme of bi-monthly seminars. The first seminar took place in October 2018 and the series will run until June 2019.

Sing to Beat Parkinson’s (Dr Yoon Irons, University of Derby)

We kicked of the series in October, with a fascinating seminar from Dr Yoon Irons (University of Derby), during which we all got the chance to get up and sing! If you missed it, you can find out more here.

Sing to Beat Parkinson’s® is a community group singing programme for people with Parkinson’s (PwPs) and their carers, with sessions including breathing exercises, vocal warm-ups and singing participants’ preferred songs.

Dancing with Shadows (Dr Beatrice Jarvis, Kingston University)

At our next seminar (Tuesday 4th December) we have invited Dr Beatrice Jarvis (Kingston University, London), who will be speaking on ‘Dancing with Shadows: Choreo-cartography as a mode of method of embodied memory’. The seminar will focus on a series of workshops carried out with women aged 75+, reflecting on the fall of the Berlin Wall (1989 and the Russian occupation of Berlin (1949-1989). The individual case studies explored personal embodiment of the body as an archive.

And in the new year…we have three more exciting seminars!

Creative Ageing: Has our time come? Developments in politics, policy and understanding (Paul Cann, Age UK & Alexandra Coulter, Arts & Health South West)

Creative Ageing: Has our time come? will introduce policies on ageing, health, care and other policy arenas and highlight the crucial potential role of the creative arts, and major impacts of participation on physical and mental health, including the important opportunities this creates. Focusing on ‘Creative Health’, the exciting report from the All-Party Parliamentary Group on Arts, Health and Wellbeing, the seminar will consider ‘what’s next?’ for advocacy and evidence. (2nd February 2019)

‘Dogs and the Elderly: the significance of interspecies companionship towards the end of life’ (Dr Angela Bartram, University of Derby)

This seminar will discuss the dilema of leaving a ‘burden’, through the art project ‘Dogs and the Elderly’, which analyses the importance of the interspecies relationships for physical and emotional health and wellbeing in later life. (9th April 2019)

‘New technologies & the active ageing: The adoption and non-adoption of new technologies by the active ageing’ (David Bryson, University of Derby)

New technologies & the active ageing looks at the current state of research into digital engagement by the active ageing and not just engagement but more critically availability and ease of access to digital technologies. (4th June 2019)

All of the seminars are FREE to attend, though booking is essential – please click on the seminar titles to access the booking page.

You can also follow updates on twitter: #TalkCreativeAgeing