Researching ageing: key issues for research methods in gerontology : University of Southampton, 8th November 2018 (with Dr Rebekah Luff & Dr Kritika Samsi)

I attended this training workshop yesterday hosted by the National Centre for Research Methods (NCRM) and the University of Southampton – and it was great! If they run it again, I would highly recommend attending if you have an interest in researching ageing…

  • Undertaking research with older adults living in a care home
  • Ethical research with older adults with a dementia
  • Using secondary data to study ageing

Whilst my research to date has been looking at ‘healthy’ older people, it was both interesting and useful, to look at things from a different perspective and explore ideas that I hadn’t previously considered, which may be useful for future research.

Emily's notes

Here are my key takeaway moments:

be reflexive

  • consider your own views on care homes, residents, relatives, staff – who whomever, or wherever, you are researching
  • think about how might you be viewed as the researcher coming into the care home, individual’s home, hospital or community setting
  • be aware of the emotional demands and make sure you talk things through with your supervisor and / or mentor

think outside the box

  • think about using / referring to larger data sets in support of your research
  • beware of over-protection
  • explore innovative & creative means of disseminate that are accessible & relevant

be(come) an ethical researcher

  • be aware and mindful of the research study and participants
  • weigh up risks, benefits, harm & safety
  • try to capture a range of experience (in an appropriate manner)