Ageing Issues

IMG_5367 (L-R): Rikka Korkiamaki, Tampere University; Virpi Timoneon, Trinity College Dublin; Catherine Elliott O’Dare (Trinity College Dublin) and Gemma Carney (BSG Northern Ireland and Queen’s University Belfast).

These days it feels like friendship has become a commodity. If Facebook is taken as the main platform for friendship in 21st century human life then the value of your friends can be measured, analysed and the results sold on as data.

Nothing could be further from the lived experience of friendship according to two researchers of friendship who shared their work at the British Society of Gerontology Northern Ireland event held in Trinity College Dublin (TCD) on April 12, 2018. An audience of academics, activists, retired trade unionists and representatives of voluntary sector organisation such as Linking Generations Northern Ireland and ALONE from both sides of the Irish border gathered to hear about what it means to have younger friends when…

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