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The mission of the Academy of Social Sciences is to ‘promote social science in the UK for the public benefit’ (Annual Report, 2014-15).  The Academy has around 1000 individual Fellows, 41 Learned Societies representing 90,000 social scientists, a majority within the UK.  In 2011, the Academy launched the Campaign for Social Science to increase awareness of the contribution of social science to understanding society and how research evidence underpins and contributes to policy and practice.

The campaign has initiated the publication of eleven ‘Making the Case for the Social Sciences’ reports. The British Society of Gerontology (BSG) has been pleased to support the latest document on ‘Dementia’ alongside The British Psychological Society, Alzheimer’s Society, Age UK, and the University of Bradford, School of Dementia Studies.  Launched at a packed meeting in the Houses of Parliament on March 15th 2016, attendees were welcomed by BSG member Professor Bob Woods, Director, Dementia Services Development Centre, Bangor University who Chaired the booklet Advisory Group.

The booklet focuses on the work of 14 teams of researchers including a number of BSG members showing how psychological and social research within different settings builds on the early seminal work of Professor Tom Kitwood at Bradford University concerning Person Centred Care. In showing how a social science perspective enables the understanding of personal identity for people with differing forms of Dementia at various stages in their lives the researchers demonstrate the importance of multi-disciplinary research which continues to develop and influence practice throughout the UK and worldwide leading to greater well-being.

Those attending the launch stressed the need to support and encourage early career researchers in this field. This is a booklet that needs to be discussed and disseminated widely.