The BSG provides many platforms for members to engage with the society and to interact with one another. The life blood of the membership is the ability to communicate and to keep everyone up to date with the developments in the society and of individual members. Generations Review is an accessible publication edited by Dr Charles Musselwhite on the executive committee of the society.

Generations Review gives ERA members the opportunity to publish articles in a supportive way, often providing them with their first foray into academic writing. This gives them the opportunity to see their names in print alongside the great and the good of international gerontology whose articles also adorn the hallowed pages. The editors pieces are colloquial and insightful providing a segway between pieces and often reviewing key events in the Gerontology calendar. Maybe not quite the prestige of Ageing and Society (another BSG publication) but still a valuable stepping stone for emerging researchers, scholars and professionals as well as those more established in their career.

In the current issue there is a colourful piece on the annual BSG conference held in Newcastle; an international article on the portrayal of older adults in the media; a report on everyday mobility; exciting opportunities within the society; and a deep and meaningful with me in the “who’s who” segment.

Overall, Generations Review provides the society with a great way of staying at the forefront of Gerontology in the UK, provided that is, the membership stays engaged with it. Give July’s issue a read here:

And why not give it a go yourself? drop Charles an email and contribute! Write an article, a position piece, a review or suggest a new feature. I certainly think that GR is worth the read and I for one shall be stepping up to the plate and contributing so watch this space….

– Paul