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I attended the excellent Pensions Play Pen monthly pensions discussion today, the group founded and generally galvanised by the equally excellent Henry Tapper, pensions person extraordinaire.  Today’s topic for heated debate was Advice/Guidance? Does it Matter? This is a topic close to my heart and I’ve been writing about the importance of advice gaps for some time, in our increasingly privatised, financialised systems for late life welfare.  Followers of the madness that is the British pension system may know that this topic of advice or guidance is something of a swirling storm, as (1) we migrate our paid labour force into an opt-out workplace pension system known as auto-enrolment, which is manoeuvring people into essentially an equities based and therefore risky private pension system, and (2) we crack wide open the decumulation and other investment decisions that ordinary people need to make by giving them carte blanche to…

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