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Welcome to Ageing Issues, a new public space where members of the British Society of Gerontology share ideas, publicise research, and discuss contemporary issues relating to ageing societies and older people.

With population ageing high on policy agendas, understanding how we age and the implications of ageing for service use, policy design and societal structures is probably more important than at any time in history.  Spanning disciplines as far apart as engineering, history, law, literature, art, psychology,  sociology, geography, devlopment, politics and economics, and all practice spheres from housing to health to technology to social care to pensions, there is much to talk about, much to say, and even more to debate.  Few arenas in contemporary  life are not affected by increased longevity and ageing populations.

If you are a member of the BSG and would like to post to the site, or if you are not yet a member and would like to join, do contact us.  We are an inclusive society welcoming all those with an academic, personal or professional interest in ageing issues, offering many benefits to our members.